Students’ exchange

Virtual meeting in Limassol, Cyprus, 9-13.12.2020

During the Social Entrepreneurship festival, the students had the unique opportunity to showcase the products/services that developed during the project. They also presented the culture of their country through short and interesting presentations. They played online games together, which they were organized by the teachers of the hosting school.
During the festival participant students from other countries had the chance to reveal the work they have done during the 2 year project and also
showcase their products/services. Furthermore, the students and their teachers expanded their knowledge and experience in the Cypriot educational system.
Students participate in virtual lessons, exchanging views and ideas on their curriculum, expanded their multiculturalism and moved towards a more active participation in the society.
At the same time, and during afternoon hours, the teachers had the opportunity to meet for one final meeting, in order to complete the project and finalise the final report. Indeed, it was heartbreaking that the amazing teachers who worked hard for this interesting project, did not have the opportunity of seeing each other for the project finalization. It was also sad that the students who were supposed to travel to Cyprus and enjoy this lifetime experience, were not able to do it. We did our best to offer them the most of the event in a virtual way and we really hope we managed to do that! We loved the fact that we met virtually but sincerely nothing can compare to the personal meetings and physical collaboration.