Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship is being defined as the enrichment of entrepreneurship in a way that creates social impact and social value. According to the European Commission social entrepreneurship is about addressing severe social challenges and meeting social needs in an innovative way, while serving the general interest and common good for the benefit of the community ( By experiencing Social Entrepreneurship students will develop their entrepreneurial skills along with their social responsibility, social and moral values. They will also practice and improve skills like critical and ethical thinking and action, decision making, team building, creativity, communication, presentation, problem solving, self-respect and self-control. Social entrepreneurship also includes the aspect of green entrepreneurship, which promotes the development of a sustainable environmental thinking that all enterprises should promote. Social entrepreneurship is an innovative approach in the educational matters not only in Europe but also worldwide.

Students training

The students of the 6th Grade of our school had the opportunity of exploring their skills on financial literacy and entrepreneurship the past few weeks, through the programme „More than Money“ offered by Junior Achievement Cyprus. The mentors Achilleas Achilleos, Avgoustinos Zenonos and Panagis Kourtoulos, coming from Bernhard schulte shipmanagement were very keen in teaching, explaining how a business works in real life and what exactly their role is.

The students of the 4th Grade visited the Environmental Centre of Akrotiri, Limassol and learnt how to think green and invest in a sustainable future🐛🌿🌎

Spanish pupils are creating their own enterprise! They have learnt to spend wisely their money, analyzing income and expenses to become young entrepreneurs! 💡📚

Spanish students visited a cultural enterprise of Catalunya. They learnt how people made paper lots of years ago. At the end, they made their own paper using old techniques. 👏👏👏